BioSonic Brain Tuner™ Tuning Forks Protocols 

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Brain Tuners and The Five Elements 

Delta (1-3cps) – Earth 

Theta (4-6cps) – Water 

Alpha (7-12cps)– Fire 

Beta (13-20cps) – Air 

Brain Tuner Images 

Sleep: Delta 

Dreaming: Theta 

Waking Dream: Theta/Alpha 

Centered Action: Alpha 

Multitasking: Beta

Brain Tuner Delta-Theta / Alpha-Beta Balance: Otto 128 and Otto 136.1 (OM Tuner) 

Sleep: Beta – Alpha – Theta – Delta 

Sleep Protocol1: Recall a time when you slept very well. Listen and allow your brain to review that time and put together new neural pathways for quality sleep. (Theta – Delta – Delta) 

Sleep Protocol 2: Downshifting To Sleep: You are very active and thinking a lot. (Beta) 

It is time to gear down. Imagine you are a car is starting to slow down. Your mind is still going fast and your body is starting to slow down. (Beta – Alpha) 

Take a deep breath as you remember how to gradually slow down. Your body knows and your brain is ready to enter into a new rhythm. The thoughts in your mind are still active and it is no longer necessary to pay attention to them. They are like the sound of a waterfall that is helping you to relax even more. (Alpha – Theta) 

The sounds of the waterfall are so relaxing. They are like a dream within a dream leading to a special sleep. 

(Theta – Delta – Delta) 

Problem Solving: Beta – Theta – Alpha – Beta 

Recall a time when you were working on a solution for a problem. There are so many possibilities and different ways to put them together. Your mind is going over and over the different solutions. (Beta) 

You realize you need a moment away from your thoughts. (Theta) 

Suddenly something appears in your mind – a potential solution that you had not thought of before. (Alpha) 

Dreaming: Theta – Delta – Alpha – Theta 

Dreaming Protocol: Imagine a time when you experienced a good dream. (Theta) 

Imagine Drifting back into a deep sleep and then drifting back into a deep sleep. (Delta) 

Imagine you are on the edge of waking and yet still dreaming. Your body is relaxed and you are enjoying your dream. (Alpha) 

Sports: Beta – Alpha – Theta – Alpha 

Imagine you are hyped up and ready to play (sport). You have nervous energy and your body is moving to look for a playing rhythm. (Beta) 

You discover a rhythm that is just right for you to be prepared for competition. (Alpha) 

Imagine going deep inside and pulling yourself together to be ready and prepared. (Theta) 

It is time and you are totally alert, aware, and responsive. You are relaxed and centered inside and your body is able to move respond, move fast, and relax and respond again. (Alpha – Beta – Alpha) 

Calming Anxiety:: Beta – Theta – Delta – Alpha 

It has been a challenging day and you are worried about the future. (Beta) 

(Take a deep breath or use 5-second breathing exercise.) 

As you calm down you begin to see many future possibilities and outcomes you can create. (Theta) 

Go to a deep place of stillness. (Delta) 

Take a deep breath and look over those outcomes and put them together in ways that you have not yet imagined. Trust (Alpha) 

Increasing Creativity: Theta – Beta – Alpha – Theta 

Imagine (writing book, playing music, etc. ) a time when you were flowing and creating. (Theta) 

Look over that time and remember your experience of inspiration that began your creative flow. (Beta) 

Open your mind to new ideas, new thoughts, and new possibilities that flow from inspiration (Alpha) 

See yourself (writing, playing music, painting, etc.) in a deeply relaxed yet active state watching your ideas appear from a dream into reality. (Theta – Alpha) 

Centered Activity: Delta – Beta – Theta – Alpha 

Imagine a time when you were very still and deep inside. (Delta) 

Imagine a time when you were very active and at the same time very still / calm inside. (Beta – Delta) 

Imagine a time when you were very till inside and watching your thoughts without attachments to any thoughts. Your thoughts are effortlessly coming and going. (Beta – Theta) 

Imagine a time when you are calm inside and simultaneously taking action to accomplish a goal. 

(Delta – Alpha) 

Performance: Beta –Theta –Alpha -Beta 

Imagine you are very active and thinking about everything you have to do to get ready for your performance (type of performance) (Beta) 

Imagine that you take a moment and recall a time when a lot was happening around you and in the midst of everything you discovered a deep and secure calm inside of yourself. (Theta) 

Next with all that is going on around you and being centered in the deep calm you see yourself walking on stage, being with the audience, and masterfully performing. (Alpha) 

Your performance is over and the audience is applauding then a lot of people want to meet you and congratulate you. (Beta) 

Exploring Binaural Beats 

Binaural Beat Generator This is a free binaural beat generator that you can create and listen to differed binaural beats.