Sound Therapy Induced Relaxation: Down Regulating Stress Processes and Pathologies

The use of music as a means of inducing positive emotions and subsequent relaxation has been studied extensively by researchers. A great deal of this research has centered on the use of music as a means of reducing feelings of anxiety and stress as well as aiding in the relief of numerous pathologies. Click to Read Full PDF


BioSonics, Stress Science, and Nitric Oxide Literature Review

This paper documents Stress Science and Nitric Oxide claims made during classes by Dr. John Beaulieu. It is an overview of Stress Science and Nitric Oxide which cites many research papers. Click to Read Full PDF. Click to Read the Full PDF


Communication Between Animal Cells and the Plant Foods They Ingest: Phyto-Zooidal Dependencies and Signaling

The beneficial effect of plant foods on human health is unmistakable. Time and time again, studies have found foods of plant origin to reduce the risk of most major chronic illnesses suffered by the human population. Click here to read the full PDF.


Tonal Nitric Oxide and Health: Anti-Bacterial and Viral Actions and Implications for HIV

Tonal Nitric oxide has been shown to have important physiological regulatory roles, i. e, vasodilation, neurotransmitter release, etc. Now, we review its role as an antibacterial and antiviral agent, and understand the implications for HIV. Click to read the full PDF.


Cyclic Nitric Oxide Release by Human Granulocytes, and Invertebrate Ganglia and Immunocytes

Various tissues from vertebrates and invertebrates respond to external signal molecules by rapid release of cyclic nitric oxide (NO) mediated by constitutive nitric oxide synthase. Click to read the full PDF.


Tonal Nitric Oxide and Health

Basal/tonal nitric oxide (NO) production helps maintain particular microenvironments, i.e., vascular. Besides NO’s function in controlling the activation state of various tissues such as immune cells, its presence appears to modulate other free radical levels, i.e., H2 O2, in these same tissues and indeed these processes may be one and…Click to Read The full PDF.