First just a big thank you (BioSonics)  for the exceptional service over the past few months. It is a pleasure to deal with BioSonics.

                                                  – Keith

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“I love my body tuners! I take them to the office and go to the bathroom stall when i feel stressed out and tap them , when i come back into the office i feel like a new person, able to look at thing… Read more

I tore my medial meniscus recently and am now using an Otto 128 three times daily when I apply arnica on my injured knee. It remains an important healing tool in my recovery process and is ideal for t… Read more


At the time I had been diagnosed with a cholesteatoma, an inner ear tumo, in my left ear. I was already deaf in my right ear the result of a tumor removed surgically in 1998.  My surgeon had rec… Read more
Whitewolf Switze

I’ve been using BioSonic tuning forks for a number of years. Before I started using the Om Tuners, for example, my whole body felt twisted—pelvis, hips, shoulders and spine. I held the tuning fork… Read more

Fiona McKinney, RPP

Using the Solar Harmonic Spectrum with my students in classroom music has been fabulous. We have improvised and composed with them and even performed in concert. No matter how we use them, I find my s… Read more

Peggy Janes

BioSonic tuning forks have become a door for me and my clients—a door to stillness and the level of the Superconscious Mind filled with wondrous rhythms and vibrations. Everybody who can really tune… Read more

Urs Honauer, PhD, RPP

When I do my morning yoga ritual to clear my mind for the day, I do my stretches and when I finish, I tap the Om Tuner and put it on my sternum and on my third eye to boost my immune system. This help… Read more

Yoga Instructor

In stressful times with my spouse, instead of screaming and becoming impatient, I go out in my backyard, listen to my Tuning Forks and come back. It’s amazing the difference I feel. I can solve prob… Read more


When I’m in a very stressful situation at work, I go into a quiet room, close the door, tap my Body Tuners and put them to my ears. Immediately, I feel a great sense of calm, inner resolve, and clar… Read more

CEO Executive