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The Harmonic Flow Protocol is based on harmonic flow thought joints as shown in the diagram. 

The protocol can be done sitting or lying down.  Ideally energy is continually moving through our connective tissue matrix. For this to happen our joints have to be neutral. Ancient practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, and Chi Kung focus on the importance of joint mobility as does our modern healing arts of Chiropractic and Manual Osteopathic Medicine. In this protocol we are using the Biosonic Otto128™ tuning fork with the option of using the Biosonic Otto 196™ and 64™ tuning fork to sonically signal harmonic energy flow through joints. 

  1. Tune into the person you are working with. 
  2. Start with a cradle and/or Occiput Vagus Tuning.  

Head:  Begin with laying down or sitting cradle. The main focus is on the meeting place of the base of the skill (occiput) and top of the neck (soft tissue). Do not press – just cradle without force and allow the energy to move and create a relaxation / decompression response. 

Upper Vagus Tuning:  Press the Biosonic Otto 128 C™ tuning fork to points at the meeting-place of the base of the skull (occiput) and top of the neck (soft tissue), just lateral to the tendons of the trapezius muscle. Remember it is not a precise point but more an area. The vibration will spread out and find its way to the Vagus Nerve. 

Press the Otto Tuning Fork to the joints represented by the circles in the diagram. 

The following protocol sequence is from The Polarity Therapy Workbook by Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. It can be done with touching /tapping the joints and/or placing the Otto tuning forks on the joints. You can contact each joint in sequence with the Otto 128 and/or you can contact the two joints simultaneously using the Otto 128 and Otto 196 or the Otto 128 and Otto 64. 

Note: You can include other joints to include finger and toe joints and spinal joints depending on your evaluation of harmonic flow. You can contact the joints in different sequences other than the protocol sequence and you do not have to contact all the joints. Once flow is stimulated it will increase and naturally open up other joints. 

Biosonic Otto 128, Otto 64, and Otto 196 are available at www.biosonics.com. Instructions and precautions for using Otto tuning forks are under the Support tab / product videos.