©2009, John Beaulieu, N.D, Ph.D.

The five-pointed star, or “Five Star,” pattern represented by the above chart is based on “Sacred Geometry”—archetypal patterns to which our bodies’ subtle electromagnetic energy currents are aligned. The Five Star pattern is about expression and movement; it is meant to be flexible. Expression relates to both emotional expression through the throat center and to the expression of each of the organs through its function. Energy moves upward from the pelvic floor to the shoulders and through the throat to the top of the neck/foramen magnum. The balance and flexibility of the pattern is reflected in the balance and flexibility of the tissues along the diagonals. Imagine the diagonals of the five star as strings stretched between pegs. When the strings are the ideal tension, the shoulders, hips, and head will be aligned to the five-star pattern. When a string is too tight, it will pull on the head, shoulders, and hips causing them to rotate and/or lift into a compensation position. If a string is too loose, the body will droop or sag without tone. And you can evaluate kinesthetically, e.g., are there areas of tension or pain along the diagonal? Or you can evaluate intuitively by looking with “soft eyes” and sensing the harmonic relationship of the lines; this is called visual harmonics.

To balance the five star, begin by looking at the five-star chart above and mentally relating the diagonal lines shown to points on your client’s body. There are many variations of the five-star based on evaluating tension along the diagonals. The basic five-star protocol session uses the Biosonic Otto 128™ placed at anatomical tips of the star. A variation is to place the Biosonic Otto 128 on the lower tips of the star and the Biosonic Otto 192 at the higher tips of the star. Another variation is to place the Biosonic Otto 128 to the upper star tips and the Biosonic Otto 64 to the low star tips. 

Five-Star General Session

  1. Hold directly over the third eye (glabella)and/or on Vagus point or points below occiput, or both. 

Press the Biosonic Otto 128 C™ tuning fork to points at the meeting-place of the base of the skull (occiput) and top of the neck (soft tissue), just lateral to the tendons of the trapezius muscle. Remember it is not a precise point but more an area. The vibration will spread out and find its way to the Vagus Nerve.

  1. Place on the upper left shoulder (scapula acromion). 
  2. Place on the right upper hip (anterior superior iliac crest). 

anterior superior iliac crest

  1. Place on the upper right shoulder (scapula acromion).
  2. Place on the left upper hip (anterior superior iliac crest).

Dr. Randolph Stone’s Five-Star Reflex Session

Each point of the five star represents a transcendental element. The top point is Ether, the

shoulder points are Air and Fire, and the hip points are Water and Earth. The five elements are “elemental to life;” much like water transitioning between steam, ice, and liquid, the five elements are constantly interacting and flowing into one another. When the five elements flow through the mind, much like wind moving through the leaves of a tree, they can be observed as physical, emotional, and mental behaviors. From a systems science perspective each element is a quantifiable behavior within a feedback loop between physical reality and the Universal Energy Field.

The feedback loop is monitored through the five-pointed star pattern which represents a super

conscious thought that appears just before the mind dissolves into the Field. When the elements are not flowing in congruency with the Universal Energy Field the five-pointed star pattern will become asymmetrical and an ideal tone or resonance with The Field is compromised. The founder of Chiropractic Medicine, Dr. D.D. Palmer, believed that principle of ideal tone was the basis of Chiropractic healing. He believed that, “Consciousness is determined by and must accord with acoustic vibrations.”

To understand the concept of ideal tone, imagine that the nervous system, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and muscles are a system of strings on a musical instrument. If the strings are too tight or too loose, then ideal tone is compromised. One is either too sharp and high-strung, or too flat and low-keyed. The elements are like the sounds that combine in different dynamics and combinations to create music. This is why Dr. Stone said that the five-pointed star pattern is “Natures Geometric Keyboard.”

The five-star reflexes presented in Dr. Stone’s chart are not exact. They suggest area of the body that are affected by tension along the five-star diagonals. The long diagonal likes between the foramen magnum and hips (ASIS) are congruent with the Biosonic Vagus Protocol. The shoulder to hip diagonals can be evaluated using wave palpation and a rocking motion while holding the shoulder and hip on a diagonal. When points are found they can be stimulated using the Otto tuning forks and tapping along the diagonals. Please note that the Otto tuning forks should not be pressed on or near to any electronic devices placed into body, i.e., pacemakers and vagus nerve stimulators. 

Five-Star Leonardo Protocol Session 

Another variation of the five-star protocol is based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man which extends the five-star diagonals down to the bottoms of the feet and out to the tips of the fingers.  

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is based on the ideal geometric proportions of the human body sounded as musical intervals. Leonardo believed that the human body was a microcosm of the whole universe.  When we are properly tuned through “the architecture of sound” our spirit moves effortlessly between the universal energy field (Heaven) and earth. In his drawing Earth (C-F) is represented by the square. The universal field (C-A) is represented by the circle. When the Vitruvian Man “squares the circle” (C-G) by touching the circle and square at the same time, he comes into perfect balance between heaven and earth. The perfect balance between heaven and earth is a dynamic vibrational state that is represented by the continual movement of the Vitruvian Man’s arms and legs between the universal energy field and earth. The tapping of the Leonardo protocol creates a sonic experience of this archetypal movement. 

Leonardo Protocol Playing Instructions

  1. Hold C256 in your left or right hand and hold F-G-A in your other hand or in a concert ball. 
  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and be silent and still until you feel the impulse to move.   
  1. Tap F-G-A on the edges and off the body with the C256. Allow your body to move with the sounds. Continue to tap and allow your body to move in different ways as the sound suggests. 

Five-Star Discussion One of the goals of modern biology is to understand how a system’s design influences its function. Five-star geometry is archetypical sonic design. Five-star geometry repeats again and again throughout the mind and body. We are a star within a star within a star. 

New research into how neural networks function is supporting the importance of five-star geometry. Converging research suggests that neurons fire in coherent spatiotemporal geometric patterns and that higher dimensional geometric neural structures can form only when neural networks are sparsely connected. In order to form higher dimensional complex structures, you have to lose connections and rediscover lower bound connections. In the new neural science, the five-star is the optimal gateway to higher dimensional neural networks.  The five-star pattern in neural science is called a 5-neuron clique.