For Biosonic Otto 128™ with 15mm clear quartz foot and/or the Biosonic Otto 64™ with 25mm clear quartz foot. 

Introduction: The tinnitus tuning fork protocol is best done when you have had a medical examination of your ear to check for structural damage and also food and environmental sensitivities, and reactions to any medications or the possible relationship of the sound to any other conditions. 

Overview: Ringing in our ears during quiet times is the natural sound of our nervous system in operation. When this sound is raised in volume due to unresolved stress, medications, and exposure to loud sounds it becomes tinnitus. Decreasing the sound requires understanding where the pressure is in the body that causes the sound to increase in volume. I look first at the perineum because usually there is a tightness in the muscles that travels up the anterior muscles of the spine into the temporalis muscle and TMJ. Relieving this tension is important and the basis of the protocol. 


1. General Instruction: Mindfully listen to the tinnitus sound like music and learn from it. Meditate on the ringing vs fighting it, and it will oftentimes decrease. Do this as often as you like. 

2. Tap and press to the base of the sacrum, coccyx area. 

3. Tap and place on the mastoid process. 

4. Tap and place on the TMJ. 

I share my experiences with nervous system sound and how to use the Otto 128 in my book Human Tuning which is available on Kindle and in paperback which is available from And look at my instructional video on how to sound Biosonic Otto tuning forks in the support section of 

Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D. Ph.D.