From Dr. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.  Re: Tuning Forks and COVID-19  Many people have been asking me about tuning forks and the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Tuning Forks are not a cure for the COVID-19 however they can be an important integrative medicine support tool. The key is how to use them correctly. I recommend the […]

UltraSonic Core: A Quantum Understanding

UltraSonicCore: A Quantum Understanding (English with German Translation) is part of a presentation on Polarity Therapy at Polarity Zentrum in Zurich Switzerland April 2017. It presents Dr. Randolph Stone’s concept of the UltraSonic Core in terms of modern wave theory and nodes. Emphasis is given to the relationship of the Caduceus to standing waves and […]

Avian Mermaid Dreams Album

Avian Mermaid Dreams is performed by John Beaulieu, Thomas Workman, and Peter Wetzler in John Beaulieu’s outdoor teaching and performance space on a warm summers night in the middle of the country surrounded by nature. Besides those in attendance there were hundreds of wild birds and only fifty feet away a llama and alpaca grazing. […]