Color and Sound Book


This book is for everyone who wants to learn about color and deepen their awareness of how color can effect our daily lives, esp. when we bring our conscious awareness to it, teachers, practitioners , professionals, and people from all walks of life… It expands upon Journey through the Color Worlds, adding new simple to use exercises like Color Balloon Breathing and the Rainbow Shower and a special addition of Color branding.
You will learn how to use Biosonic tuning forks to activate and enhance the color choices you make.
The updated Color Guide includes and reintroduces the color Mauve, the color that changed a century, read all about how this color had the ability to influence a whole generation. This book is a must for anyone interested in color and how to develop their CSA- Color Sense Ability. It is for healthcare practitioners, fashion, design, , and anyone interested in how to develop the ability to choose colors and influence and enhance our daily life.

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