Gem Foot- “Green Aventurine” (15mm)


We recommend placing your 15mm Green Aventurine  gem foot on your Biosonic  Otto 128 tuning fork.
It comes with a little Alan wrench and is easy to fit over the stem of the tuning fork and screw right on. This makes the gem feet interchangeable , you can switch them and use different ones. (put link in here)
 is a “lucky stone” it brings calmness and peace to the heart. It is good for soothing quick tempers, calms nervousness, anger. releasing attachment to specific outcomes.
Symbolizes joy, hope.
It is good for releasing old patterns, so the new can come in.
Opportunity , wealth, and abundance are attracted to this beautiful stone.
Also said to be good in neutralizingt electro-magnetic fields, cell phones, pollution

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