“I love my body tuners! I take them to the office and go to the bathroom stall when i feel stressed out and tap them , when i come back into the office i feel like a new person, able to look at things with fresh prescription. Thank you! “
” During this time of Covid I find the tuning fork protocol for Covid on the vagus nerve has been so helpful ! It really calms me down! and I need it!

“Good morning from my paradise to yours! I am continually amazed at the quality of your products. In the past I have spent a lot of time with John Cage and Pauline Oliveros and till this day I cannot believe that our paths have not crossed until recently. Better late than never I have heard.”

“Life is truly an awesome adventure – thank you for all your work – inspiring and life expanding.”


Just want to let you know that I have successful use Fibonacci to do life review, near death experience and inner child therapy for more than 80% of my clients.  My students can operate as well. I love Fibonacci and I strongly believe it can help many more people suffering from their brain, nerve, physical body, subtle bodies, emotional and spiritual aspect.  I am exploring using Fibonacci on the 8 extraordinary meridian system… China , Claresham working with the city of Forgotten children . anonymous
“I have a 15 year old cat that has had respiratory issues his whole life. Started working with the Otto 128 on him and it’s so healing for him, calms him right down when he gets a bronchial attack. Thank you for your life’s work. “
I want to thank you both for a truly memorable weekend.The workshop had beautiful energy, was well organized and surpassed my expectations. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!
Thea – I truly enjoyed starting each morning with movement through the elements. And I bought your book (wonderful personal story, btw) so I can continue each day with your suggestions. Thank you!
Dr. John – you’re wisdom, insight, guidance, and dedication to sound therapy is a gift to our planet. And the fact that you made yourself so available to us all during the weekend is validation of your commitment to this modality, and to your students. I feel very honored to be studying under your guidance and can’t possible convey how grateful I am to you.  Sound school Michigan
” I use my body tuners two times when i wake up in the morning to tune myself for a new day, and then i tune myself before going to sleep so i can have a good nights sleep dreaming. Thank you!”
” I have had a chronic injury that has bothered me for years on my knee, I use the otto 128 to heal the scar tissue and it has helped with the pain tremendously!
More excellent results this week with the new tuners, Om and 32. Playing with the Solar too.
Just fantastic.
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