IAK Forum International Freiburg, Germany Classes
Sound Healing Concert Thursday Evening March 16th
Sound Healing with Tuning Fork Intro Day Friday March 17th
Sound Healing with Tuning Forks and Sensory Kinesiology Sat March 18th – Sun March 19th

Polarity Zentrum Zurich Switzerland Classes
Sound and Babies Wed. March 15, 2017
Introduction to Sound Healing Tuesday March 21, 2017
Sound Healing Concert Wed evening March 22, 2017
Sound Healing With Tuning Forks Fri. March 24 – 26, 2017
Auricular Therapy Tuesday March 28, 2017
Sound Healing Concert Thurs. evening March 30, 2017
Spinal Balancing Tues. April 4th – Wed. April 5th, 2017


Schule für holistiche Naturheilkunde S.H.N. Zug, Switzerland Classes

Sound Healing Concert
Wed. Evening March 23rd
Professional Supervision Sat. March 25th
Tuning Fork Sound Healing Sun. March 26th


Mindful Sound Practitioner Training New York

April 28th-30th: Sound in a Clinical Setting, Managing Group Dynamics and Introduction to Biosonics Tuning Forks w/ Sara and Guest Teacher John Beaulieu, ND, Ph D. Dr. Beaulieu will present BioSonic Tuning on Saturday April 29 as a part of the weekend with Sound Healing Sara Auster.


Sonic Body: Sound Healing in Relation To Bodywork New York

CATA Center For Advanced Therapetuic Arts New York New York

Sat May 20th – Sun May 21st.
Sound Healing With Tuning Forks:
Sensory Kinesiology™ and Insight Intuition™
An Invitation Only Class at Dr. Beaulieu’s Home in Upstate New York
Course Fee: $600
Friday Evening June 9th to Sunday Afternoon June 11th
Including special Saturday Evening Concert
Optional Sound Healing Clinic ($100) Monday Morning June 12th
Including special Saturday Evening Concert
Optional Sound Healing Clinic ($100) Monday Morning June 12th
E-mail Thea@biosonics.com to enroll and reserve lodging.

Dr. Beaulieu developed Sensory Kinesiology™ and Insight Intuition™ as methods to guide and enhance sound healing sessions and events. During class students will learn the basics of how to use tuning forks as sound healing instruments. All of Dr. Beaulieu’s classes are taught Montessori style and the advanced students are always encouraged to mentor the beginning students. In addition, all students will learn how to use Sensory Kinesiology™ and Insight Intuition™ methods to evaluate and use sound to clear areas of energy dissonance and bring greater harmony to the human energy system. Students will also learn energy anatomy as it relates to sound healing and modern research. All sound healing theory and methods that are taught in class are universal and can be applied to all sound healing instruments including but not limited to voice, crystal bowls, metal singing bowls, gongs, bells, and drums.