Celestial Bija Mantras and the Five Elements

Gaze into the night sky and pretend there is no distance between yourself the planets and the stars. Tune into the wonderings of the planets across the zodiac and notice their different relationships as they move through different alignments. These alignments were considered sacred by the ancients of many cultures and they perceive them not only as visual relationships but also sounds. These sounds have been passed onto us in the sonic language of the Bija Mantra Meditations and Chants or the seed sounds of the spinal chakras. The pictures show the bija mantras as seeds within the lotus pedals of the chakras. The Hermetic axiom “as above so below” applies to the night sky. One can, with a little patients and practice, learn to pick out the bija mantras through watching the relationships of the planets.

Earth has 4 mantras: va, sah, sha, sa. These mantras are found in the night sky as the 4 phases of the moon. They are in a 3:1 ratio. va is the new moon. sha and sa are the ascending and descending half moons. Sha is the full moon.

Water has 6 mantras: ba, bha, ma, and ya, ra la. These mantras are related to the conjunctions of the planet mercury and the sun. Mercury conjuncts the sun 3 times in the morning sky (dusk) and 3 times in the evening sky (dawn) every year. The conjunctions form 2 interlaced triangles. Each point of a triangle is the sound of a mantra. ba, bha, ma form one triangle and ya, ra, la form another triangle. Water is associated with Mercury or Hermes the messenger. In the night sky the two triangles rotate and move through the constellations of the zodiac every twenty years. Mercury the communicator relates with and connects all elements of the Zodiac.

The Fire Chakra has 10 pedals. The bijas can be seen forming in the night sky as conjunctions between Venus and the Sun. These conjunctions happen 10 times per year. Five times in the morning and five times in the evening. Venus is sometimes referred to as the morning star. It glows very bright and fiery from the fiery light of the sun during these conjunctions. Because the sun is so bright it quickly outshines venus. The relationships form two pentagrams overlapped. This makes the 10 pedaled lotus.

The Air Chakra has 12 mantric pedals. The bijas can be seen as the 12 oppositions of Sun and Moon. Each year there are 2 eclipses these are the mantras ta and tha and 5 meetings below the equator these are ca, cha, ja, jha, ma and the 5 meetings above the equator are ka, kam, ga, gha, na.

The 16 pedals of the Ether chakra can be seen in the night sky in two different ways. The first way is by watching the planet Mars. Every 2 years Mars will make one retrograde loop. When this happens the planet, to the eye, looks as though it is going backwards. Visually Mars gets brighter red as it appears to reverse its orbit. Remember that we are observing the night sky and allowing our senses to experience the “feeling” of the planets movement. Weather or not the planet actually goes backwards in terms of modern astronomy is not an issue here. The direct experience and our surrender to that experience are of great importance. Every 15 years mars does 8 loops. Each loop has two phases. The first phase is the actual reversal and the second phase is the movement back into the regular orbit. Astrologically the first phase of reversal is resonate with the energy of Scorpio. The second phase if is resonate with the energy of Aries. The mantras are divided into 8 and 8. 8 resonate with the retrograde energy and 8 with the forward energy.

My favorite way to see the 16 bija lotus pedals is to observe the relationship of Moon and Venus. This is an easy relationship to see and it is remarkably beautiful to observe. Venus and Moon conjunct 16 times per year. 8 times in the morning and 8 time in the evening. The conjunctions look as though the moon is cradling Venus.

In astrology Tarus is the area of the throat. Tarus is ruled by Venus. The Moon is exalted in Tarus. When Moon and Venus meet our expression is exalted. The creativity and love of the Venetian energy have raised the Lunar energy into liberation. The power of the word is remembered and the throat chakra opens to the heavens.

When we watch day after day we see the moon rising to full and Venus falling. Finally the light of the moon takes over. This is the fall from liberation into bondage. Without the light of love animal sexuality reigns. The Tantrics often times pictured two elephants, one in the Earth chakra and one in the Ether chakra. The elephant in the earth chakra is chained. The elephant in the Ether chakra is free. Taurus and Scorpio are related to each other through an astrological axis.


When Venus and Moon meet Tarus is exalted and the lunar energy is liberated through the love of Venus. When the moon rises and venus falls than the Moon moves into the scorponic field of the pelvis.

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