Energy Medicine and Sound Healing

The Energy Medicine paradigm is based on understanding the dynamics of life energy in relation to health and well-being. The fundamental principle of Energy Medicine is that an underlying energy field generates physical, emotional, and mental behaviors or symptoms. If we change the energy field, the physical, emotional, and mental behaviors will also change.

To understand what an energy field is we must first clarify the concept of wholes. The branch of modern science dedicated to understanding wholes is called General Systems. Within the general systems paradigm there are wholes and greater wholes that contain those wholes. For example, a school can be a whole school which is contained within the whole of a community which is contained within the whole of a county which is contained within the whole of a state, and so on.

Cymatics is a general systems study of sound developed by the late Dr. Hans Jenny, M.D. of Basel Switzerland. Dr. Jenny performed his Cymatic experiments by putting substances such as sand, fluid, and powder on a metal plate. The plate was then attached to an oscillator, a device that produces vibrations. (They are also called vibrators. A massage vibrator is a simple oscillator.)

The oscillator is controlled by a frequency generator capable of producing thousands of different vibrations or sounds. By turning a dial on the frequency generator Dr. Jenny could cause the plate to vibrate the sand or fluid on it at different frequencies.

Dr. Jenny found that when he turned the dial of the frequency generator he could instantly change the vibrations moving through the plate. He could then observe the effects of different vibrations on different substances. When Dr. Jenny watched the sand or other substances on the metal plate organize into different patterns he could also hear the sound produced by the oscillator. If he were to lightly touch the plate he could feel the vibration in his fingertips.

Dr. Jenny immediately observed three fundamental principles at work in the vibratory field on the plate. He wrote, “Since the various aspects of these phenomena are due to vibration, we are confronted with a spectrum which reveals a patterned, figurative formation at one pole and kinetic-dynamic processes at the other, the whole being generated and sustained by its essential periodicity.”

What Dr. Jenny is saying is that one can hear the sound as a wave; he calls this the pole of kinetic-dynamic process. One can see the geometric pattern the sound creates in the plate; he calls this the pole of “patterned-figurative formation”. And if Dr. Jenny were to touch the plate and feel the plate vibration he would call this the generating pole of “essential periodicity”.

When we view these Cymatic pictures we are “seeing sounds” and their geometry.

The following photos are of sand and water being vibrated at different frequencies and captured with high speed photography. Look at the visual patterns with “soft eyes” and notice the different geometries produced by sound. Then allow your auditory sense to imagine hearing their sound.

Sound waves create invisible fields called energy fields as well as organize forms.
In the above Cymatic photographs we see a geometric pattern generated by a
tone. If we change the tone then we will change the pattern.

If you were in the lab with Dr. Jenny you would hear the wave as a sound and see the pattern created by the wave. If you put your finger on the plate you could feel it vibrating. If you messed up the pattern with your finger it would go back to the original pattern. If you turned off the frequency generator and messed up the pattern it would stay messed up. If you turned the frequency generator on with the same sound then the pattern would return.

Cymatic sound patterns help us visualize the behaviors of energy fields. When a new tone is introduced, we can see a Cymatic pattern instantly change, which is a metaphor for a new energy field. Now it is important to understand the basic principle of energy medicine: Our life patterns can change on a fundamental level if a new tone is introduced into our life.

Environments are wholes that help us understand the dynamics of an energy field in health care. Imagine you are living in a city environment. You have lived in that environment so long that you do not even notice the dirt, exhaust fumes, and smog?they are part of the whole.

Living in this environment you suffer from a runny nose and watery eyes and take many different natural and medical remedies. They help you get through the day and if you stop taking them your symptoms always come back. One day you decide to take a vacation and go to the desert. After the first week of desert living you notice that your lungs are clear and you can breathe through your nose without taking medication. After the second week you notice that you are thinking differently and that your emotional responses to situations have changed.

Energy Medicine practitioners would say that “the field” has changed. There is an invisible tone, much like the sounds in a Cymatics experiment that is creating the new environment. This tone acts much like an “energy field tuning fork” that tunes you to the new environment. When this happens your physical, emotional, and mental patterns change to match the resonance and pattern of the new tone.

Energy Medicine practitioners observe physical, emotional, and mental patterns to arrive at an understanding of the energy field that causes those patterns. The practitioner then works an array of natural modalities to educate and build their client?s strength and their ability to be flexible enough to alter fields.

Music and tuning forks are best understood in the Energy Medicine paradigm. The ability to understand, evaluate, and work with energy fields is fundamental to using music and tuning forks for healing and well-being. BioSonic tuning forks work with specific physical, emotional, and mental symptoms and have a proven biochemical effect on our energy fields. They are an exciting adjunct modality that can be used in all areas of the healing arts.