Orgone Crystal Dreams Concert Program Notes

John Beaulieu

In memory of Jackson MacLow and Franz Kamin who continue to inspire

Program Notes
February 25, 2012
The SAGE Foundation Presents
at Photosensualis Gallery Woodstock, New York

I don’t think we’re really interested in the validity of compositions any more. We’re interested in the experiences of things. (John Cage, “Composers: Of Dice and Din”. TIME. May 30, 1969.)

Part I: Piano Adventures

Stairway To Heaven
Overtone Tuning Forks (Audience)

The tuning forks you have in hand are tuned to the upper overtone series. Overtones are an ascending series of sounds based on the division of a vibrating string into infinite parts. The sounding of different overtones creates tonal color in music. However, overtones are much more. Because of its ascending nature the overtone series is often referred to as “the stairway to heaven” in ancient literature. In the bible, it is pictured as Jacob’s ladder on which one can climb to the heavens.

A musical interval is the space between two tones. The spaces between the ascending rungs of the ladder were metaphors for the intervals created by ascending overtones. It is suggested in the Kabbalah that beings of shining light reside in these intervallic spaces. As we ascend Jacobs Ladder, a light being appears at each rung of the ladder to help us ascend to the next rung of the ladder. The overtone tunings forks are precisely tuned rungs that create a tonal Jacobs ladder that ascends nine octaves into the overtone series.

As your overtone sounds echo through the room, a Dakini, or shining being of light, will manifest for us through axial drawing.

Dakini (Now) and
An Axial Conversation In Dakini Presence (DVD Channel 3)
George Quasha Axial Drawing
John Beaulieu Axial Piano

Now, from a still center, spontaneous movement emerges and moves as a creative impulse, through shoulder, arms, hands, and finger; unpredictable, alive, and seeking expression through form. Lines, like intertwined neurons, merge with sound to be heard as a sacred conversation in synaptic space.

Orgone Phantasy (1979)
Dedicated To Wilhelm Reich
John Beaulieu Piano

Orgone Energy streams in oceanic pulsations across the night sky. White filament spiderlike webs create a dome, tracing the end of the sky, along which blue lights travel. Stars appear as holes of light through which the lights disappear and reappear within the web.

Restless Spirits Rising (2011)
John Beaulieu Piano
Peter Wetzler Piano

Restless Spirits Rising portrays our constant struggle as human beings to rise into higher and higher states of being. Restless Spirits Rising is composed for multiple pianos. This performance is a special one piano 4 hands version. Each score is a different Phi number sequence that represents different life struggles on the pathway of ascension. In other words, each score represents a musical entity seeking ascension. When multiple pianos are played, each piano is like a different sonic person within a society of sonic people seeking higher states of awareness. The pathway of ascension defined by percussive Phi numbers always rising above a constant, seeking restlessness.

MOONZAK: Moon River Variations (2010)
John Beaulieu Piano

MOONZAK explores the Water Element qualities of Moon River. I call it MOONZAK because as one enters the Water it is like wandering through a shopping mall in trance. Although it is harmonically based, MOONZAK is free flowing to be congruent with the currents and eddies of an archetypical Moon River. MOONZAK is also an anchor for the many trance tapes I have made for my patients over the years. I call these recordings “inner mall shops” because you can visit a topic, i.e. relationships, motivation, dreams, challenges, etc. and enter / listen. You visit and download Innere Mall Shop trances.

Part II: Dream Time

Dream Trance Conversation and Invocation (Now)
John Beaulieu Awakening Bell and Bija Mantras

While dreaming we naturally rise into the 3rd ventricle of our brain and enter the Great Dream Lodge. Dream mantras sound to open our dreaming ears. We are surrounded by oscillating crystalline stalactites and stalagmites. Still points within still points dance through the cave spiraling through vortex dream holes.

Crystal Attunement (Now)
Phillipe Garnier Crystal Bowls

Crystal resonance echoes through light pathways spiced with tryptamine thoughts. Sphenoid resonating, tongue licking ambrosia dripping downwards, as our consciousness ascends to dream time and our dreaming ears open.

Dream Synthesizer Tuning (Now) During Crystal Attunement John Beaulieu will use a crystal pendulum to tune different dials of the Dream Synthesizer in order to activate it and bring its telepathic circuits into resonance with everyone in the room.


Telepathic Dream Music
John Beaulieu Dream Synthesizer

Dakini Dances Of Light: A Hommage to Alexander Scriabin
(using variations on George Quasha’s Axial Dakini as a dream score)

Charms (Frederico Mompou) Dream Time Variations
pour pénétrer les âmes
pour les guerisons
pour inspirer l’amour

Athena’s Web

Part III: Return to Waking Time

Tanagra Figures (Isadora Duncan)(Alkan Barcarolle Opus 65, No. 6)
The archetypal poses of Athena sound musical intervals that call Zeus to return to earth and the divine dance of Mother Nature.

Rose Petals (Isadora Duncan) (Brahms OP 39, No. 15 “)
The rose is the most universally recognized and beloved flower in the world. She represents love, affection, compassion, purity, innocence and passion. Roses are offered to celebrate transitional life-events. We offer them to you to support your successful transition from dreaming to waking consciousness and to thank you for a wonderful evening together.

Thea Keats Beaulieu Dance and John Beaulieu Piano Accompaniment
Performers in Order of Appearance

George Quasha
Artist, poet, and musician working across mediums to explore principles in common within language, sculpture, drawing, video, sound, installation, and performance. Solo exhibitions of axial stones and axial drawings include the Baumgartner Gallery in New York (Chelsea), the Slought Foundation in Philadelphia, and at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz. This work is featured in the published book, Axial Stones: An Art of Precarious Balance, Foreword by Carter Ratcliff (North Atlantic Books: Berkeley, 2006).

John Beaulieu
composer, musician, and healing artist explores multiple mediums of creative expression as part of his exploration of consciousness for healing and greater spiritual understandings. His work ranges from the development of tuning forks as musical instruments tuned to precise mathematical formulas to intuitive divination based sonic systems. John is always experimenting with newer and newer systems for creatively generating music possibilities as part of his quest to incubate neural pathways that empower an ever expanding and changing reality.

Peter Wetzler
Peter Wetzler is a classically trained pianist/composer/producer who’s CD’s include “Depth Perception” a poetry soundtrack, Turner -Wetzler: harmonica and piano duets, “Rondout Awakenings” an electronic soundtrack CD and his latest “Falling Awake” collection of solo piano improvisations. His music while totally original has strains of Messian, Eno, Reich and Weil. His band, The Repeatos consists of bagpipes, digeridoo, accordian, fiddle, harmonica, vocals, percussion and electronica

Philippe Pascal Garnier
is an accomplished sound practitioner who recalibrates and realigns the energy centers of the body through the use of sound allowing the Prana (life force) to flow properly. Originally from Paris, Philippe Pascal Garnier has been initiated into sacred ceremony and practice in a variety of ancients and sacred traditions, he has worked extensively with the Amazonian curanderos, training in techniques that facilitate healing of the soul and body. He shares this expertise with the public through the organization he co-founded and directs: Sage Center For The Healing Arts in Woodstock, NY. His new CD is The Healing Sound Of Crystal.

Thea Keats Beaulieu
Is an Isadora Duncan dancer and Dance Therapist. Her passion is the joy of teaching self-expression through movement and colors. She danced as a principle dancer in the San Francisco and New York Isadora Duncan Dance companies. She is the author of Journey Through The Color Worlds “The Complete Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Health and Happiness”, and The Color Love Journal. She continues to dance and teach throughout America and Europe.

Concert Notes