Avian Mermaid Dreams Album

Avian Mermaid Dreams is performed by John Beaulieu, Thomas Workman, and Peter Wetzler in John Beaulieu’s outdoor teaching and performance space on a warm summers night in the middle of the country surrounded by nature. Besides those in attendance there were hundreds of wild birds and only fifty feet away a llama and alpaca grazing. Everyone was in shorts sitting in lawn chairs, children moved around freely. John Beaulieu and Peter Wetzler are playing electronic keyboards at opposite ends. And in the middle Thomas Workman is playing sounds from his collection of ancient instruments. The focus is on listening and playing in resonance with the audience and surrounding natural environment to create both a musical and healing space. On track 4, Avian Conversations, the birds sang so loud that they became the music and we found ourselves spontaneously playing with the birds. We entered a deep listening space of dream alchemy where we journeyed in dream time to a mythical place of mermaids. The track is titled “Mermaids Singing” and the instruments are BioSonic tuning forks tuned to the asteroids Chiron, Pallas Athena, Juno, Vesta, and Ceres. The asteroids are said mythically inspire the archetypes of mermaids singing to a full moon. Avian Mermaid Dreams concludes with Thomas Workman singing his composition I Heard A Mermaid Singing.

John Beaulieu May 3, 2015 Stone Ridge, NY