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In order to block the access to a certain website or application, you need specialized help from certain software solutions. one of them is WebAndAppBlocker. It helps you control and restrict the access to certain websites and applications with ease. In order to work without errors, the application requires .Net Framework installed on your computer. Sturdy content blocking tool The program can help you restrict the access to several time-killing or addictive websites, so that you will not waste time browsing them. Furthermore, you can also block applications, ranging from games to private ones, thus blocking any attempt to open them. Dependable work optimization utility that blocks content The application can be ran only once, and then stopped after you have selected the websites and applications that you want to block. You can choose a password for your program, so that anyone that accesses it will not be able to unblock any of the websites or applications that you restricted. Aside from that, you can use the tool to count the time you spend working and the one spend browsing other unrelated websites or applications that you do not wish to browse during working hours. After the working time is over, you can remove the blockage and take a break by accessing your favorite websites, such as a social network or online magazine. A reliable and powerful time management program By blocking the access to certain applications or websites, you can optimize your working time, as you can focus more on your projects instead of wasting time on social networks or other similar tools. To sum it up, WebAndAppBlocker provides you with a reliable method of restricting access to applications or websites, as you can password-protect the program in case someone attempts to unblock the blacklisted content.







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WebAndAppBlocker is a content-blocking program which is very much capable of preventing the access to any website or application by you. It is a fast and reliable content blocking tool which allows you to block up to 50 websites and applications at one go. This content-blocking software uses one of the easiest possible ways to block the content-rich websites and applications and offers three different levels of restrictions to increase the security of the program and maintain its effectiveness. All these content-blocking tools rely on the same blocking method and use the same way to identify the websites and applications. It is one of the easiest ways to prevent the access to websites and applications which are not permitted. Furthermore, with this content-blocking tool, you can easily block the content and surf safely without fear. You can also block online games, online surveys, online maps, and other such websites to make sure that you don’t fall into a trap. Quick and reliable, you can use it to block up to 50 websites or applications at a single click. Simple and easy-to-use interface which allows you to create your own exclusions. The program is very easy to use and enables you to block up to 50 websites at a single click. It is one of the most efficient and highly capable content-blocking tools available in the market. The user-friendly interface of WebAndAppBlocker allows you to create a blacklist or white list to block any website or application on your own, and can be saved for future use. Furthermore, WebAndAppBlocker can also be used to block the access to any application. This tool is very easy to use and does not require a lot of efforts or knowledge. It is a standalone program and does not require any other installation. The program works perfectly and can be used easily even by those who are new to web-based content-blocking. The program comes with a standalone installation file which does not require any other third-party installations. When you install it, you do not have to register an account or log in to it. The program is a content-blocking tool which can be used to block the access to any websites and applications. The program provides you with a standalone installation file which you can easily use even by those who are new to content-blocking. The program does not require any account registration or login. You just have to install the program and block the access to any site or application that you do not want to access.

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1. WebAndAppBlocker.Net is a powerful software. It can block access to your browser, control your browsing in the way you want, and more. And all you need to do is to install it and run it. 2. It can block all the web pages you have previously set, including Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitch, Netflix, and much more. 3. It can create a blacklist. There’s nothing you cannot control. 4. Create a password for yourself so that you can control the program without anyone has your password. 5. An automatic screen recorder. A small software can record your screen, this helps to protect your privacy. 6. Help to watch your working time and time spent on the Internet. It can track your working time. 7. Support you can install multiple languages. 8. 10-day free trial. KEYMACRO Features: 1. The quality of the program is more than 100% and stable. 2. The program can block more than 50 kinds of websites. 3. Create a blacklist to control the websites you never want to access. 4. It can record your screen and send the video file to your email. 5. It supports more than 40 languages. 6. All of the functions can be configured freely. 7. Support system stability, a little short, but the most important. 8. 10-day free trial. Key Macro links: 1. WebAndAppBlocker.net 2. WebAndAppBlocker.Net Windows Setup 3. Free trial download: 4. Key Macro App Description: Key Macro is an automatic screen recording tool, which can record your desktop, including mouse, cursor, app, and more. You can make a screenshot to share your desktop screen, record the play you play games and more, you can make a video with the clips you take. It can support your screen recording function in both Mac and PC, and it does not need a third-party software to work. You don’t need to worry about setting up and configuring the program, you just need to download and install it. And the best of all, you can view your screen at any time in the settings, then you can check out your works. Key Macro is a powerful software for recording the screen. Key Macro Features: 1. Key Macro is an automatic screen recording software. 2. Key Macro can capture your screen. 3

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WebAndAppBlocker is a powerful content-blocking application. The main functionality of this application is to prevent the access to blocked sites. We know that most people browse the internet during their free time, and this is how we want to optimize your time. When you use WebAndAppBlocker, you do not need to open and close the program on every website or application that you want to block. The application is able to take care of this automatically. If you have decided to use WebAndAppBlocker, then this application is a must-have utility. The software is 100% legal and safe. Main features: Ability to add websites or applications (URLs). User-friendly interface. Freely customizable settings. No need to sign up or sign in. Built-in backup function. FAQ: How to unblock websites or applications? In order to unblock websites or applications, you need to open the file that you created and paste it into the appropriate field. How to install it? Download and open the setup file, and follow the steps to install the software. How to use it? After you have run the program, you need to access your browser, and go to the websites or applications that you want to block. You can add as many websites or applications as you want. You can also change the passwords for the applications or websites if needed. How to uninstall it? To uninstall the program, you need to go to Add/Remove Programs, find the program, select it, and click Uninstall. You can also remove the program manually. Homepage: Remote DNS for your NAT Router. If you have a broadband connection or ADSL and want to use your router as a local DNS, you may want to use this tool. When you use a local DNS you have direct access to your router and you can block or allow certain websites from the router itself (more secure and faster). Requirements: – User friendly – Very low requirements – Custom DNS resolution An internet speed check tool. It’s a free speed check tool that you can use to check your internet speed. Requirements: – User friendly – Very low requirements – Ability to show new connections (e.g. new wifi networks) Create your own contact list. Create your own contact list and share it with your friends. – User friendly – Very low requirements – Ability to show new connections (e.g. new wifi networks) My Secure Site Test – Script your own free website Have your own free website? Make it secure with this free tool. – User friendly – Very low requirements – Ability to show new connections (e.g. new wifi networks) Remote DNS for your NAT Router. If you have a broadband


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Minimum: OS: Windows 8/7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions only) Processor: Intel Core i3 or later Memory: 4GB RAM Storage: 250MB available space Graphics: Intel HD 4000/AMD HD 6000 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband internet connection Additional Notes: This game requires the use of Windows 8 or later (not 8.1) if using headphones. Please be aware the game will run at 30 FPS