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Harnessing Dissonance in Sound Healing

Learning to identify, understand and honor dissonance in your studies of sound healing leads to new levels of living and wellness. Dissonance means without sonic alignment or to “beat against”. Our first reactions to dissonances, weather in music or life, are to label them undesirable and something to be avoided. When Igor Stravinsky premiered The […]

Sound and Psychedelics

Many experiences we have when listening to the music and the sound of tuning forks are similar to experiences described by those taking opiates and psychedelics. Recent research suggests that tuning forks and listening to different music can stimulate our body?s ability to produce opiate, cannaboid, and psychedelic molecules. These molecules are somewhat different then […]

Energy Medicine and Sound Healing

The Energy Medicine paradigm is based on understanding the dynamics of life energy in relation to health and well-being. The fundamental principle of Energy Medicine is that an underlying energy field generates physical, emotional, and mental behaviors or symptoms. If we change the energy field, the physical, emotional, and mental behaviors will also change. To […]